Solar Hot Water


Solar hot water is seen as the best replacement for household energy that helps in energy saving at places which are blessed with abundant sunlight. It is more economical and Eco friendly way of getting hot water at Melbourne.

In case when fixtures like taps and shower heads are found with leakage, its immediate replacement with hot water service repair can reduce housing costs to a great extent. Use of solar panels for heating up along with gas or electric power boosters is the better option. The solar system is quite energy efficient but is also costly at the same time to install. Boosters and tanks which are coupled with solar panels have two options for its placement- at the roof and at ground level. Usually, people prefer to place it at ground level for easy access to repairing person to reach the destination place.

First Choice Plumbing offers effective solar hot water installation and repair services to the residents in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We are quick in response at emergency situations. To know more about our solar hot water services, please contact us.

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